B&G Hand-Wound Humbucker Pickups Set

B&G Hand-Wound Humbucker Pickups Set

Each pickup we make is wound by hand. The real secret to this art lies in the winding pattern, which entails how the wires are spread across the bobbin and how much pressure is used to tighten the coils. Preserving the traditional techniques of pickup winding enables us to weave together the qualities that embodied the essence of the Golden Age. 

The machines and materials we use work symbiotically to create a unique sound - that richness that has become an identifying marker of B&G Guitars.
Our approach is quality and accuracy: using the right materials for the job and making sure that they are the best around.

Since we make only a small number of pickups, we have no need to compromise on using premium quality materials and techniques, or in other words - no compromise on sound.
Crossroads owners:
The Private Build pickups are either unpotted or lightly potted. This makes them more sensitive but also more prone to feedback. If you plan to play on seriously loud stages and want to avoid feedback, we recommend sticking with the stock Crossroads pickups.  
Estimated Delivery: 1-3 weeks