Little Sister Cutaway Classic

Little Sister Cutaway Classic

The concept of the Little Sister began with the puzzling question of how the early delta bluesmen were able to fascinate a listener with only one guitar and their simple, yet soulful vocal lines.

Understanding that these players' fat and throaty guitar tones often came from playing small-body parlor guitars, we decided to uncover the secret of these instruments and embark on a journey back to the Crossroads. While obsessively collecting all sorts of original guitars from the 1920s and ‘30s, many of which were in poor condition and needed complete restoration, we began to create the special design that would best serve the guitar sound we had become hooked on.

We wanted to create an instrument that would be versatile enough for players who use a pick, and for players who are finger-stylists. It needed to be superior in terms of playability, and it had to be gimmick-free. We imagined lightweight, comfortable, and unique. Ultimately, we decided that it should be a small-bodied parlor guitar because these were the instruments that we kept going back to again and again.

The Little Sister finally came to life - Featuring a carved chambered body in genuine mahogany, vintage slotted headstock, Indian rosewood fingerboard, unique soft V neck, original designed hardware and body shape, and the in-house hand wound pickups makes for an instrument that is original and innovative, yet feels very familiar in the avid player’s hands.

The Little Sister is available for the first time ever as part of our Standard Build series. Made in Tel-Aviv, Israel according to our unparalleled Private Build standards.